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Look Under the Hood

Our state-of-the-art shop management software will upgrade your total business model 24/7. ShopController provides real-time reporting, streamlines your process, refines record keeping and jump-starts your productivity. See a big increase in your margins, combined with delivery of superior personalized customer service.

What Can You Expect in Your Live Demo?

State of the Art Software

With ShopController you will never have to worry about outdated software or losing your data. Our state of the art service management software will upgrade your total business model 24/7. Find out for yourself how the latest technology will provide you with a robust, reliable system.

Enhanced Flow Management

Establish processes, monitor performance and adjust flow in real-time with ShopController tools. Our enhanced flow management process enables estimating, invoicing, inventory management and parts ordering, with built-in ease-of-use features along the way.

A Full Suite of Features

ShopController draws on 25 years of management experience to better organize your business process. ShopController includes  tools and options for vehicle lookup and reporting, online ordering, repair and labor guides, report generation, QuickBooks export and credit/debit card processing among many other features.

Detailed Information

ShopController Full-Service Automotive Shop Management System Reporting Tools put you in the driver’s seat. Capture all the data you need with a minimum of manual input. Use our reporting and analysis tools to put that data to good use.

Unprecedented Flexibility

Design your system your way, like no other service management system. You aren’t forced to fill in fields you don’t need. Set up your forms and tables with the information you need, where you need it.

Competent, Personal Support and Training

Too busy to call? Submit a ticket. Prefer one-on-one with a support technician? Do it your way. Our support and training will give you the assistance you need at the level you prefer.