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SC9 Smart Work Flow Management

ShopController SC9 can help you manage your work flow by combining work flow staging and work flow status into one simple-to-use feature.

Simply by selecting status from a drop-down list, you can easily manage each job from start to finish – and be sure that things that need to be done won’t be overlooked. The work order status listing gives you a tool to easily monitor what everyone is doing and fix the bottlenecks before they get out of hand.

You can tailor the SC9 status settings to match your shop flow exactly. Here is a typical shop work flow setup:

The job goes to the Inactive Work Orders screen – out of the way until the appointment date.

This moves the job the Work Orders screen with all the active jobs, where you can keep an eye on it. You know the vehicle is ready to be inspected.If inspections are piling up, you can reassign techs to handle them.

Pending Customer Approval
Now you know your service writer needs to get the approval to start work. If a lot of jobs are pending, you can check on your service writers to see what’s holding them up.

Waiting on Parts
The parts are flagged for ordering and delivery. If this is holding up your techs, you know to contact your vendors to speed up the deliveries.

Ready for Pickup
The Tech is done and it is time for the writer to contact the customer. If a lot of vehicles need to be picked up, you can make sure more customer calls are made.

The job is done, and the work order goes to the Invoiced list.