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Manage Multiple Locations

In competitive times, the manager of a company does not have the luxury of letting multiple locations “go their own way.” Likely you got where you are because you know what your customers respond to, and you know how to run your business. If you have multiple sites, it makes sense to set guidelines for how those sites will be run, follow their progress and make corrections when needed. ShopController® Enterprise gives you the tools to establish the process, monitor performance and make adjustments in real-time, combined with a standard-setting shop management system.

Create a Master Template

  • Manage the look and feel, options and rules available to users across the organization from a single master template.
  • Make changes from the home office or from home with confidence that every location in your organization will be working from the same playbook.
  • Global control of management and reporting functions gives you the assurance that they will be handled according to your specifications.

Maintain Effective Security

  • Set permissions for every level of user and only give access to sensitive information where it is needed, while giving your employees all the tools they need to do their jobs efficiently.
  • ShopController gives you the flexibility to easily set exceptions to your template where needed as well.

Capture Economies of Scale

  • Centralize operations such as accounting, marketing and scheduling for greater efficiency.
  • Allow sharing of customer information, inventory levels, and service templates between locations.
  • Reduce travel time and redundancy.

Comprehensive Reporting Tools

  • Full suite of integrated business reports.
  • Built-in custom reporting features.
  • Build your own in minutes with drag & drop tools using our exclusive “Analysis Tool.”
  • Integrated full-featured report editor – create your own reports and forms.
  • Get assistance when needed from ShopController support, or have our development staff design reports to your specifications.

Use Experience When and Where it is Needed

  • Managers can view and edit reports, work orders and schedules for any location you allow, from any location.
  • Remote access allows managers to troubleshoot, assist each other and “fill in” where expertise is needed.

No Surprises

  • Monitor operations in real-time. Catch problems and fix them when they occur. Don’t wait for the next monthly report!