Franchise Management

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You established a franchise operation because you found a way to make your shops successful, and you were willing to share your expertise with others for a fee. For a franchisor, it makes sense to set guidelines for how franchises will be run, follow their progress and assist them in making adjustments when needed. ShopController® Enterprise gives you the tools to establish the process, monitor performance and make adjustments in real-time. ShopController lets you choose the degree of control and responsibility you handle, from maintaining your own server to providing 1st level support.

Create a Master Template

  • Manage the look and feel, options and rules available to franchised and non-franchised shops from a single master template.
  • Make changes from the home office or from home with confidence – every location will be working from the same playbook.
  • Global control of management and reporting functions gives you the assurance that they will be handled according to your specifications.

Maintain Transparency

  • View and edit reports, work orders and schedules for any location.
  • Easily troubleshoot and assist franchisees when needed.
  • With franchise reports and the ability to see what your franchisors see, you can easily monitor the terms of the franchise.

Maintain Effective Security

  • Set permissions for every level of user and only give access to sensitive information where it is needed, while giving your employees all the tools they need to do their jobs efficiently.
  • ShopController gives you the flexibility to easily set exceptions to your template where needed as well.

No Surprises

  • Monitor operations in real-time.
  • Catch problems and fix them when they occur.
  • Don’t wait for a surprise in the monthly or quarterly report.